ENMAT Provides cloud energy management software for Synectia Datastream


The Synetica DataStream is an Internet connected device for the collection, storage and transmission of data for energy management.

Built in Ethernet provides high speed, real time access to meter data via the internet or corporate IT network with the benefit of no ongoing communication charges. For remote sites, a GSM/GPRS option is also available.
Powered by a high speed ARM® processor the DataStream has the capacity to acquire, process, record, present and stream data from multiple energy meters and environmental sensors.

DataStream Feature List

8 x Pulse Inputs 8 digital pulse inputs for energy meters or digital status monitoring (S0 class meter inputs)
8 x Analogue CT Inputs 8 analogue inputs for wired current transformers from 5A to 2000A ratings
Modbus RTU and TCP/IP Communications Connects to serial Modbus enabled meters to retrieve, log and forward Modbus meter readings. Optional Modbus TCP slave to allow access via the network to internal registers including time clock, digital, analogue, and Modbus RTU meter values.
Enmat Wireless Optional link to Enmat wireless sensors and ENMAT wireless Current Transformers (CT) to rapidly install additional wireless meter points
Ethernet Interface Built in high speed 10/100 Mbit Ethernet links to the Internet or corporate Intranet
GPRS/GSM Optional GSM/GPRS communications for remote applications
Security User ID/password security with optional guest web page access level
HTTP Web Server Built in Web server for simple device configuration and data presentation (another sample)
File System Protected file system maintains logged data when powered down
CSV Files Logged data may be exported via email / FTP / Web browser as CSV file format for use in spreadsheets and ENMAT Cloud Software.
Email Server Built in SMTP to send logged data via email
File Transfer Built in file transfer (FTP) can send logged data to ENMAT at configurable intervals
Time Synchronisation Built in battery backed time clock with automatic synchronisation via the network (SNTP)
Remote Updates The DataStream may be updated remotely over the Ethernet network to reduce maintenance costs

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 About ENMAT

ENMAT (Energy Monitoring & Targeting) is a web based Energy Monitoring and Targeting system. It presents energy management data in a way that is relevant, meaningful and useful to users.

The purpose of Monitoring and Targeting is to relate your energy consumption data to the appropriate energy drivers, such as weather and production, so that you get a better understanding of how energy is being used. In particular, it will identify if there are signs of avoidable waste or other opportunities to reduce consumption.

Envantage offer a Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) service to enable organisations to save energy and cut costs. The use of this platform means that we can deliver a bespoke solutions to meet your needs.

Aimed at industrial/commercial SMEs and multi-site retailers, the Envantage ENMAT service utilises the latest software technologies  to obtain a full picture of customer energy usage across single or multiple sites.



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