Survey: IT managers approach to energy-based cost savings revealed

IT managers need to adopt an organisation wide approach to energy-based cost savings, a new survey has suggested.


The result would be that savings can be re-allocated to the IT department, which would be a key enabler for change.

Respondents revealed that the most popular cost savings measures are ‘reducing IT power and cooling costs’ (20%) the introduction of PC energy management software (17%) and the introduction of virtualisation (16%).

But despite this view, the survey also showed a lack of enthusiasm because 27% said that energy-based cost savings ‘are not returned to my department’.

Often, the savings are returned to the facilities team, which pays the energy bill.

The results were independently analysed and reviewed by Richard Hadfield, education expert. Richard is currently working on various ICT projects with the Department of Education.

Hadfield commented: “from this survey it is very clear that energy cost saving and carbon footprint agendas are inextricably linked.

“Further effort must be apportioned to increase IT managers’ knowledge and awareness of the benefits that can be delivered via technology based solutions.”


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